CDR Greensboro

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CDR Greensboro
A spiritual warfare Church

Come join us for Sunday service at 11:00 AM ( Our services are bilingual)
2101 E Market St. Greensboro NC (336) 989 - 6443

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What to expect when you join us for service

At CDR Greensboro, we are called to impact the lives of today’s youth & millennials both locally & Globally. Sunday service to us is more then just a powerful sunday service experience.

Sunday service allows us to congregate together publicly with others as yourself in our community as the body of believers that we are. Sharing our vision, faith, worship and beliefs with others who are like minded gives us the opportunity to take our calling higher.

We understand that everyone who walks through our doors is facing a different battle. That’s why getting to know our members is our 1st priority. Getting to know about you and your needs will help us help you discover your spiritual gifts hidden inside of you.

We give other’s the opportunity to integrate with us on a deeper level, If they so choose to. On your 1st visit you will see how focused we are on the word, True genuine worship & Fellowship. Sunday services are geared towards helping you get to know God more. 

When you arrive at our church, you can expect to be greeted with a warm welcome from one of our friendly Ushers. They will assist you as you come through the doors and help you find a good seat. 

Doors to our church open at 10:45 AM Every Sunday. When you come in we are already opening the service 15 Minutes before in prayer as we transition into worship by 11AM. Please plan to arrive by 10:45 AM to get a great seat and plenty of time to park. We have plenty of parking spaces available in our parking lot free of charge. All you have to do is come and get settled in your seat. 

No matter what your going through we invite you to worship with us. Worship can be either fun or therapeutic. After worship you can expect to hear a powerful & Refreshing word from one of our Pastor’s that will help you get to know more about our God. 

Our Pastor’s Give everyone the best of both worlds! Pastor Johnny’s preaching Style focuses on breaking down the word of God bringing it to life in human forms.

Pastora Janice’s preaching style is more geared towards Giving the word of God a Spiritual Warfare Spin. Allowing other’s to reflect on the challenges christians are facing globally in today’s society.

At this time due to Covid 19 we ask you to please come in with your mask on. Any one displaying and symptoms of sickness is strongly encouraged to stay home or seek medical care for everyone safety.

If you are visiting for the first time, Don’t worry we will not embarrass you or have you stand up. We know that many people want to check out our church and “Remain anonymous” for awhile—and that’s  totally fine with us! Come in and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, and see if this church is a good fit for you!

Finding a good church is like finding your soul mate…Lol 😂 


What should I wear to CDR?

At CDR you’ll find everyone is dressed differently normally wearing  comfortable and casual clothing for our services. We encourage everyone to come in what is comfortable for them. Thankfully our pastor’s are very hip and have urban flavas when it comes to dressing up on sunday mornings. They are not judgmental at all they can dress up or dress down depending on how they feel that morning. One thing we love about them is they are not concerned with your appearance. They truly only care about the condition of your heart and your connection with God.



We encourage all of the children to participate in worship with us before heading to their classrooms with our youth leaders. We encourage all of the children to be one with God so they can discover and develop a passion for serving him through a short worship, word and a variety of fun activities presented to them each week.  We encourage all youth leaders and children to make our new visitors feel right at home. We will warn you ahead of time children at out church have a hard time wanting to leave. lol 😂 


We don’t have a old fashioned membership system here at our church. We consider everyone here to be family especially after the 2nd visit. We have never felt the need to lock members in with us like others churches have done due to a physical or financial need. Our Pastor’s stand their ground when it comes to allowing people to be free to go and come as they wish. Ultimately they understand everyone has the opportunity to stay and congregate with us if they feel called too. 15 years in ministry has helped them understand they can not give others beyond their capabilities when it comes to everyone’s expectations. In these times everyone is looking for something different. Times change and people change no mater who’s around they stand firm when it comes to focusing on those who come in with spiritual needs that need to be met. 


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