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Welcome to my Counseling page….I don’t know how you got here, maybe you stumbled across My Radio Show Or maybe you Found me through one of my thousand videos on YouTube….Either way…Im happy you’re here…Im Pastora Janice Batista. I enjoy helping women get back on their feet. If you need any counseling below you can see the areas I specialize in….I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story.



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Counseling with love 

Hey Family! I’m Pastora Janice Batista. In life it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we all face many challenges and need spiritual guidance to move ahead. So, if you are you worried, stressed, lonely, depressed, weighed down by the burdens and pressures of life. I’m here to help you overcome in Jesus name! If your relationship is on the verge of collapsing, If you have been cheated on, or betrayed. I can help you. If you feel like there is nothing going on for you in life, and you just can’t overcome due to demonic spiritual interference. Then have no worries, I am here for you. 

Proverbs 11: 14 says ” where there is no counsel, the people fall, But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”’


Due to my very busy schedule please feel free to book your appointment down below at your convenience. God Bless you!

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