Jay B Y La Inquebrantable
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Johnny and Janice Batista are called by God to be Jay B y La Inquebrantable! When they both met back in 2005 both had their own independent paths to their music careers. Both having talents to sing, write & rap their own music chose to raise their family instead. After many years in ministry and combined powerful testimonies these two are definitely a power couple of the Kingdom of God who ain’t playing when it comes to making Bilingual Kingdom Music.  

Stay tuned, The best is yet to come! 

Our Music will be available Soon!

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CDR Muzic Team

Is changing the game in bilingual kingdom music!

Jay B

Pastor Johnny Batista

Pastor Johnny the CEO of CDR Music he’s a songwriter & Rapper for the kingdom of God. 

La Inquebrantable

Pastor Janice Batista

Pastor Janice Batista Is also CEO of CDR Music, She’s a Songwriter, singer & Rapper for the kingdom of God.

Jay J Beatz

Johnny Batista Jr

Johnny Batista Jr is the Producer For CDR Music. He’s representing for the kingdom of God.

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