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I'm changing the way women represent the Kingdom of God!

Basileia clothing coming soon!

<Casual BEAUTY

At basileia, we believe a women’s casual beauty is a reflection of the queen she is within. 


At basileia, we believe Pentecostal Swag doesn’t have to be old fashioned! Pentecostal Swag is a reflection of the royal priesthood every daughter of the King should possess within. 

Urban Flava

At basileia, we believe Urban Flava is a women’s ability to represent the Kingdom of God as the mighty warrior she is. Urban Flava reveals her past can’t stop who she will become.

Basileia clothing

Be Classy & Fabulous  

Clothes aren’t going to change the world…. But the fearless women of God who wear them will! Inspiring women to be both Fabulous & Classy has always been something born within!

A Chosen Women of God is holy and dearly loved and clothes herself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Colossians 3:12

Our mission at basileia clothing is to provide you with clean high quality casual T-shirts, Hoodies etc that will not only help us keep proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

But, it will also help us empower each other and take a stance as women of God who are here to destroy the works of the enemy while advancing Gods Kingdom here on earth.

Basileia was a name given to us by God himself, and it means Kingdom in Greek. Basileia is more then a brand it’s a lifestyle of who we are and what we represent here on earth, Gods Kingdom!

Every time you purchase a T-shirt or Hoodie from us. Your not only helping to spread the Gospel of Christ or to even inspire other believers to stand firm on their faith. But, your also helping us work harder to keep our ministry doors open so we can keep providing countless help for many families in our community. Basileia is a representation of God’s kingdom to give others hope when they need it the most!

I'm Full of Swag & Dipped in his Glory

Basileia T-shirts
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Inspirational High Quality Kingdom T-shirts

Basileia Hoodies
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Inspirational High Quality Kingdom Hoodies

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Basileia Is making
Hell tremble!

When someone say's to you... It can't be done
Turn around and say
''watch me do it!''

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